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Rhodes Outdoors: business features in Greece

Rhodes Outdoors - clothing store in Greece. I talked to Konstantinos, his owner, about business in Greece and its politics. Do you want to know what it's like to live and grow your business in Greece? Then read this interview!

- Tell us a little about your shop.

- Family owned business with textiles for suits&dresses among with all the FredPerry Collection and selected trainers of New Balance. The textiles story begins in 1945. I'm the third generation in commerce.

- How would you describe Greece as a country?

- In two words: Sun and Heritage.

- How does Greece's domestic policy differ from other countries?

- Of course, the internal policy of Greece is different in that it is socialism in Greece. But there are no advantages. Listen, Greece is a state, that the half they want a change, being a liberal free market state. And the other half they want the domestic sector to be strong.

- Why is it interesting to open a business in Greece?

- Specific in Rhodes I would mention because of the touristic industry. Greece is a country that attracts many tourists every year. And a story which begins from 1950s. Touristic is the basic economy import.

- How do the economy develop in Greece?

- The economy in Greece was, is and hope not be a struggle. Recently, Greece was in crisis, but they tried to manage to get out of it by following EU policy.

- As the coronavirus has affected the business in Greece?

- A lot, but not so much as other countries. There was lockdown. Government supported business by giving us something like a little loan.

- In your opinion, the government of which country is better at handing the pandemic?

- It was something new, so nobody, in my opinion, was ready to face something like that. From the other hand I could say that the countries that were good in pandemic were these with the lowest victims.

- How would you describe the Greek mentality?

- Greek mentality? Being as cool you can.

- In Russia, there is a saying: "In Greece, everything is there!" What do you think of that?

- I agree, except the beautiful Russian girls.

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